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I don't have either of these!

The UDPIH exploit that we will be using to fix the Wii U is called USB Descriptor Parsing Is Hard (UDPIH), and it requires a device that is capable of USB device emulation.

If you have a friend that has a hacked Switch, they may be able to help you with those instructions. Link them to the page below, and follow it:

➡️ Using a hacked Nintendo Switch

A Raspberry Pi Pico and micro USB cable is not too expensive, and can be purchased on ebay or Amazon:

If you are able to, purchase one of those follow the instructions at the below page after it arrives:

➡️ Using a Raspberry Pi Pico

Unforunately, as of this time of writing, you will need access to one of those devices. A fair price for the Pico and a USB cable is around ~$15 USD.

➡️ I am in a situation where I cannot purchase this